Happy Hoverboarders App Reviews

40 add

It is fun but...

its such a fun game.i would of did 5 stars but I did 3because of ads

Hobo bord

This game is a totall 4 star rating.It is hard but fun at the same time. My score is 3.

Hover board

Overall it is okay.


It is so fun.


Love be the game maybe you could have the wheels move in an update, thanks

Lucky I gave it one star

I hate this app. Boring!!!!!


This game is super fun!!!

Greatest game ever

The best game ever made

Hate it

This is a game I thought would be fun but this game is boring and I hate the pop up ads every 2-3 trys. This is not a game I recommend to anyone and Im 12.

Great game

This game is great but the hover board doesnt exploded. I would love to see the hover board exploded just like the real thing.

Happy hoverbord

Pretty coll game

The new flappy bird....

Great game, super addicting and a great time killer. Dosent get better than that, right? Well it could be better with different characters but overall awesome



Hover boarders

I think its a good game but has a little bumps but I think it will do pretty good in the besness


I think the game is awesome but the pop up are annoying

Good for a short term time waster-

Tomatoes- tomatos- potatos-potatoes Well - you know the rest ...


If you liked flappy bird this is the game for you

Good but!!

The game is so much fun except when the ads pop up it is really annoying

Not good

Doesnt let you jump do not buy it

Please Read

They said to write a review to get rid of ads.. So I did

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